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We deliver courses in Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement using Lean Sigma philosophies and techniques. Lean Sigma is based on the elimination of waste, reduction of variability and respect for all to improve efficiency. Lean Sigma is applicable to service and production organisations, large and small. LEARN MORE >

Mentoring and Consultancy

We are working with organisations since 2002 to help them make Continuous Improvement gains using techniques such as Lean Sigma that have resulted in significant savings. Our engagement model works on the basis of helping organisations to Educate, Empower and Achieve for individuals, teams and the organisation as a whole. LEARN MORE >

  • “It has given us the tools to be confident in sharing our stories to others, to get buy-in and remove fear.”

  • “We were extremely satisfied working with Mark, both in the implementation of the measuring system within our existing management framework, and the tutoring and class training led by Mark.”

  • “Working with Mark really made it easy to focus on my future plans. Thank you for all your help. Pity I didn’t meet you sooner.”

  • “The delivery, scope and content of the courses more than meet our needs and we have found that any suggestions by us or our staff for program improvement has always been taken on board.“

  • “We have begun to see substantial resource savings as a consequence of Mark’s work. We are anxious to develop further our relationship and we are deeply appreciative of the work they have undertaken with us to date.”

  • “I feel the mix of theory and practical work employed by MTU under Mark’s supervision has really delivered an excellent result for Irish Guide Dog for the Blind. He is an invaluable and trusted advisor whose knowledge is second to none.”

  • “We found the course content to be extremely relevant to our business. We are now promoting Lean thinking across the Company from a management level by introducing a central project register and standardizing how all staff manage improvement and problem solve issues.”

  • “The Lean Sigma courses in MTU/SCI have given us significant benefits in our operation. With rapid growth in our warehousing operations over the past number of years we have had to evolve to ensure we continue to deliver the high service levels our customers have come to expect.”

  • “The Lean Sigma Black Belt, Green and Yellow belt courses provide a very effective way for our staff to engage in continuous improvement activities in the workplace.  With growing competitiveness in our market place the need for these skills in all staff is crucial.”

  • “The process has significantly changed the way I approach my work as a consultant in the Hospitality industry. Learning how to eliminate waste and reduce variations in processes by application of Lean systems has helped me to take a fresh and altogether more efficient approach.”

  • ‘’The topics covered during the training were very much aligned to the knowledge and skills required for a Master Black Belt to advise and facilitate sustainable continuous improvement efforts. I will use what I have learned during the training for the rest of my career. I highly recommend attending this course for those wanting to help their companies achieve the next levels in their continuous improvement journey.’’

  • ‘’The Master Black Belt program is the perfect fit for any leader who wants to drive operational productivity improvements in their business. The ability to complete a Master Black Belt through MTU and CAMMS is another significant step to help support and sustain the lean journey across manufacturing industry in Ireland. This will enable us to deliver business goals in the most effective and efficient manner into the future through the utilisation of Lean principles.’’

  • ‘’I found this course invaluable in equipping me with the skills to run Lean Sigma Project. The course was challenging, thought provoking and very practical all of which made it very motivational to attend.’’

  • ’Since I completed the course I have worked in the UK and now in China and both my employers were very interested in Lean Sigma and certainly during the interview process, I believe having the Lean Sigma qualification gave me an added advantage.’

  • ‘’I want to thank the Stockil and CAMMS instructors for their ability to pivot and quickly adapt materials and delivery to an increasingly online environment and staying present with us! Highly recommend to anyone who wants to deliver into a data-drive, structured approach to Continuous Improvement.’’

  • ‘’Most of all, the entire team at Stockil Continuous Improvement really drove home the culture and true meaning of lean which has helped me immensely in my profession. If you are looking to do a lean course, look no further than Stockil Continuous Improvement.’’

  • ‘’As a healthcare professional it made me more aware of continuous improvement activities that can be conducted in the organization. The coursework was thorough, and the manual was very helpful. The online teaching aspect worked well, and the lecturers were very approachable.”

  • ‘’Mark and his team were excellent.  Obviously, experts in their field, but what I liked most about them is that they were personable, humorous and down to earth and had crafted the course to push each of us to a level of achievement that, to me at any rate, seemed unrealistic at first.’’

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