Start of 2022 classes

Happy New Year and welcome to students who are starting their Lean Sigma Black Belt journey on Thursday 20th January and to students starting Lean Sigma Green Belt and Lean Sigma Yellow Belt in February.  Our Lean Sigma courses will give you the knowledge and confidence to play your part in applying continuous improvement successfully in your organisation.  We achieve this through a combination of theory and practice.  Lectures, workshops, assignments and a project will help develop your Lean Sigma thinking.

Improvement is hard work.  The struggle we encounter from day to day maintaining a focus on continuous improvement in our organisations is summed up very well by Will Rogers, American humorist, when he said, “We are a great people to get tired of anything awful quick. We just jump from one extreme to another.”

We should recognise that there is no silver bullet to improvement.  We need a clear understanding of “why” it is needed so we can motivate each other when times are tough.

Note that our September 2022 course calendar will be published soon.  Join us and Educate and Empower to Achieve.

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