Announcing our new brand, Stockil Continuous Improvement

In the early 1900s my great grandfather opened a new shop providing quality meats and other food goods in Catherine Street Limerick.  Stockil’s was very well known and I can still remember it in the 1970s before it closed.  My grandmother and uncle continued the tradition of shops in the family and now we have rebranded our own company and incorporated our name and family values in a new family business, Stockil Continuous Improvement.

Our core philosophy has not changed.  In rebranding from QMOne Limited to Stockil Continuous Improvement our aim is to continue to deliver high quality education to empower individuals and organisations, to ensure they can achieve their aims.  Refreshing the business that started in 2002 and continuing our linkages with Cork Institute of Technology and UCC we have also upgraded our online Education Centre, revised courses and added a Master Black Belt course.  We are continuing our offerings in Cork, expanded our offerings in Dublin and we are in the process of developing new partners to further develop our portfolio.

Rebranding is a difficult task but with the help of our branding partner Frawley Branding the journey has been exciting, rewarding and the result we hope will resonate with our existing and future clients.

Note we have seven new start dates from January for our Lean Sigma continuous improvement courses and you can get details by clicking here.

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