Quality Auditor Training


This workshop will educate the student in Quality Auditor Training.  It is important to understand the reasons for auditing and develop a good auditing technique. The benefits of an audit are realised when and audit is approached in a systematic manner by a well trained auditor.

Who should attend?

Staff involved in the assessment of systems or services as auditors against a predefined standard. E.G. Internal Quality Audits for ISO9001:2015, Hygiene Audits in Healthcare or Management system audits to product standard requirements such as UL or CE.

Course Objectives

Students will be provided with a clear understanding of the reasons for auditing, understanding the audit process and how to be a good auditor.  Students will do a practical exercise on their own area.

Course Duration

1 Day.

Course Pre-requisites


Course Content

  • Understanding Auditing
  • Stages of an Audit
  • Understanding Pros and Cons of Checklists
  • Being a Good Auditor
  • Audit Skills
  • Being a Good Guide
  • Framework Overview
  • Practical Exercise