Lunchtime presentation on “The role of Management in a Lean Sigma organisation”

Very happy to get a chance to catch up with Alumni members at a special lunchtime chat on the role of Management in a Lean Sigma workplace.  Thanks to Linda Brennan in Symantec for the opportunity.

We discussed the idea of managers as “servants” focusing on the creation of an environment where people can see what needs to be done rather than being told what to do.  This is a challenging concept given how we traditionally treat or expect managers to operate in the workplace.  We need a new type of management who empower staff with self belief and ability to see needs themselves.  Managers who need to sacrifice control and knowledge to others in order to achieve more.  Managers who stick with the belief in talent in others, who can support staff with out fear of blame, who see reward in the success of their staff and not just themselves.


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