Reflecting on the Graduation Class of 2010

2010 05 28 Black Belt Class (1)

With the imminent completion of the 2016 Black belt classes in Cork and Dublin, we can reflect on the first class to graduate in the Summer of 2010.  The launch of the Lean Sigma Black Belt program with the first eight students came as a natural progression of the education programs developed to bring further awareness of Lean Sigma techniques to our wide industry base.

The classes continue to be hugely popular with 48 students hoping to complete their study this year and join the already graduated 134 Black Belts.

This year will see the 10th class graduate.

So a shout out to our Class of 2010, Norma Barrett, Michael Shorten, Liam Sinnott, Javier Bravo, Declan Kingston, Leonard James, Pat Hattie and Ricky Knowles.

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