Welcome to the Classes of 2021-22

We would like to welcome our new students who are starting Lean Sigma Green Belt in September and Lean Sigma Black Belt and Yellow Belt in October.  We hope that you enjoy the next step in your Lean Sigma journey with us.  For now, we have remained live online and are hopeful that as the pandemic restrictions lift in the coming months we can introduce more blended learning.

We have noted that now more than ever it is important for organisations to learn, share and adopt Lean thinking and Lean management as the country continues its recovery from Covid-19.  During the course you will be partake in lectures, workshops, assignments, and a practice project that will allow you gain the skills to take your career to the next level of continuous improvement understanding and play your part in that recovery.

Just to note that recently when we attended the Lean Business Ireland annual conference, Enterprise Excellence on 9th September, we heard from industry experts across the supply chain, on how a successful Operational Excellence programme in Ireland will be transformative in job creation and investment. The keynote speaker was Jeffrey K. Liker, Professor Emeritus, Industrial and Operations Engineering at The University of Michigan and President of Liker Lean Advisors, LLC. He is best known as the author of the best-selling book, The Toyota Way.  In his address, he spoke of the need to develop Lean organically and not mechanically and this emphasises the need for understanding how Lean Sigma works as an enabling process and not a one shoe fits all system of improvement. This thinking and Jeffrey’s book plays a part in our learning for all levels particularly Black Belts.

Our semester two (January 2022) courses are open for application now.  If anyone is interested please contact us for information on starting or continuing your journey.

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